Rochelle M. Green, PhD

Practical Philosophy for Everday Life.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Existential Consulting

Existential Consulting is a personal service designed to help you become more aware of what is meaningful to you, to enable you to proactively prioritize values, and to create adaptive strategies for overcoming hardships.

Existential Consulting uses techniques and insights found within a variety of philosophical and existentialist traditions and applies those philosophical perspectives to concrete situations and real life experiences.

Existential Consulting applies the wisdom of the ages to our everyday lives and helps us to appreciate what is most meaningful.


Psychoanalysis or Existential Consulting for individuals focuses on specific obstacles and questions of a personal nature.


Psychoanalysis or Existential Consulting for couples can help resolve conflict, examine points of disagreement, and clarify potential resolutions.


Existential Consulting for groups and organizations helps set priorities, clarify goals, and outline strategies for achieving desired results.